Recipes: Papa Liu’s Green bean/pork over noodles

– Avocado oil
– Green onions (chopped)
– Garlic (chopped)
– 1/2 lb ground pork (for 4 people)
– Wood ear fungus
– Green beans (sliced)
– Salt
– Light soy sauce
– 13 spice seasoning
– Cornstarch
– Handmade noodles (or rice vermicelli noodles)

– Heat avocado oil to high temp
– Stir in green onions & garlic
– Stir in ground pork, add water to prevent sticking
– Stir in green beans & wood ear fungus
– Sprinkle in salt
– Sprinkle in light soy sauce
– Sprinkle in 13 spice seasoning
– Cover and simmer 5-10 minutes
– Stir some flour (or cornstarch) into 1/2 cup water, and add to thicken
– Take wok off burner
– Boil water, and add handmade noodles. Cook 4-5 minutes.

Serve stir fry green bean/pork over noodles (or rice)




Recipe: Papa Liu’s fried rice

– Avocado oil
– Green onions (chopped)
– One Egg
– Carrots (chopped)
– Cooked rice
– Mushroom powder
– Salt

Heat oil on high setting in skillet
– Add green onions, and cook until dark
– Crack and stir in an egg
– Add carrots and rice, and stir fry
РWhile stir frying: add some salt (5 turns on grinder), some oil, and some mushroom powder