Recipe: Pan fried chicken w/ Panko

This is an easy recipe to make pan fried chicken, crispy on outside, and moist inside. About 12 minute cook time.

– Skinless, boneless chicken (e.g. Safeway “Open Nature” chicken, which is hormone & antibiotic free). White or dark meat.
– Cooking oil (e.g. avocado)
– (1) Egg
– Panko bread crumbs – 1 cup
– Salt & Pepper
– Poultry seasoning (or garlic, onion powder)

– Beat egg in shallow bowl
– Mix panko and seasoning
– Heat oil in fry pan
– Dry chicken with paper towel, so it doesn’t splatter when frying
– Dip chicken in egg mixture, and then in panko mix
– Place in pan, and fry about 6 minutes.
– Flip over and cook another 5-6 minutes.
– Serve