Recipe: Chinese Mustard Green Chicken Soup

– Avocado oil
– Green onions (chopped)
– Garlic (slicked)
– Water for soup (about 6 cups)
– Chinese Mustard Greens (chopped)
– Wood ear fungus (hydrated)
– Mung bean (or sweet potato) noodles
– Dried tofu (hydrated)
– Tofu skin (sliced into thin strips)
– Cornstarch or flour
– Mushroom powder (or salt)
– Chicken (pulled roasted chicken, e.g. Safeway)
– Cilantro (chopped)

– Heat avocado oil in wok to high temp
– Sear green onions and garlic
– Add water to make soup
– Add chopped Chinese Mustard Greens
– Add wood ear fungus, rice noodles, tofu skin, and dried tofu
– Cover and simmer
– Stir some flour (or cornstarch) to thicken
– Add mushroom powder and/or salt and season to taste
– Take wok off burner, and pour into large serving bowl
– Add shredded chicken
– Sprinkle with chopped cilantro

Courtesy: Papa Liu